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  • Housing & Buildings
    Kayson's Housing & Buildings Divisions Presentation
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  • Kayson provides comprehensive design, engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for mass housing projects.
    At Kayson we look at a project through the technical eye of a construction expert, and yet we are equally sensitive to the issues which make a project functional to the user and financially successful to our client. Thus, our cost control procedures begin with per-construction cost input and continue through the life cycle of the project. During design we analyze cost/benefit factors for various building systems, components and materials to achieve maximum cost savings for our customers, without compromising quality. In the Housing & Urban Development Division which is probably the largest segment of the Iranian construction industry, Kayson has developed a unique technique, known as Cast-in-Situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System for building large scale housing faster, better, and at a lower cost.

    Main Areas of Expertise
    • Mass Housing
    • Residential Complexes
    • Townships
    • Infrastructure Facilities & Landscaping
    • Commercial & Office Building Complexes
    • Sports, Recreational, Cultural & Medical Facilities
    • Kayson Housing System
      Kayson Housing System

      High Performance Cost-Effective Buildings with Kayson's Cast-in-Situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System