1920-Unit Housing Project, Iraq

Client: Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Researches
Type of Contract: Investment & EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
Contract Period: 36 Months‎
Location: Al-A’amiriya, Baghdad, Iraq
Status: Under Construction

Project Outline ‎

The 1,920-unit Housing Project in Iraq - being executed as an Investment & EPC contract in a township - is the first phase ‎of 6,000-unit Housing Project in Baghdad.

The project includes construction of two or three bedroom apartments in 5-story blocks via the ‎industrialized mass-housing construction method called “Cast-in-Situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete ‎Construction System”. ‎

The project also encompasses construction of facilities such as network of water and gas piping, surface ‎water and sewerage collection, landscaping, streets and access roads within the townships, open parking ‎lots and green spaces as well as auxiliary buildings (schools, clinics, libraries and etc).‎

Scope of Work ‎

The project’s scope of work involves Investment & design, procurement and construction of the followings:‎

  • Residential Buildings: There are 1,920 units in a township of 5-story apartment blocks, 62.5% of ‎which conclude three and 37.5% have two bedrooms. The buildings are designed according to Iraq’s ‎climatic conditions and are constructed using “Cast-in-Situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction ‎System”. ‎
  • Auxiliary Buildings: For improving public welfare of township resident, about 31,000 square ‎meters of land is allocated to construction of all needed auxiliary buildings, such as schools with different ‎grade configurations, kindergarten and nursery school, mosques, local shops, post offices, police stations, ‎fire stations and etc. ‎
  • Infrastructures and landscaping: The entire networks of gas piping, water, sewerage collection, ‎the network for collecting surface water from the surroundings of township, telephone wiring, electrical ‎cabling, lighting of surroundings, as well as landscaping, streets, parking lots and green spaces are the ‎facilities constructed for this project. ‎

Key Statistics

  • Gross floor area of residential buildings: 319,703 m² ‎
  • Gross floor area of auxiliary buildings: 31,000 m² ‎
  • Sewerage collection network: 6,500 m ‎
  • Water distribution network: 12,000 m ‎
  • Gas piping network: 14,000 m ‎

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