Mashhad Wastewater Treatment Plant (Al-Teymour)

Client: Mashhad - Water and Wastewater Company
Financed by: Islamic Development Bank (IDB)
Partner: Mushrif of Kuwait
Fourth agent: Karavar-kavoshpey JV development Company
Consulting Engineers: Pars AB Tadbir Consultant Engineering Company (P.A.T)
Type of contract: DBO (Design-Build and Operate)
Contract Period: 48 months
Location: Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province, Iran
Status: Under Construction

Project Outline

The contract of Al-Teymour Wastewater Treatment Plant includes design, procurement, construction as well as one year operation & maintenance, after the receipt of Operational Acceptance Certificate. The project will be completed within three stages; the first stage includes design, procurement and performance of the project and will be done within 30 months, the second stage lasts 6 months and consists of training, precommissioning and testing. The last stage is a period of 12 months dedicated to operation and maintenance services.

The plant is located in the area of Al-Teymour in east of Mashhad city and is defined to treat 80,000 cubic meters of urban sewage per day which is extendable up to 167,000 
cubic meters/day. In its first phase, this project intends to build a model to disinfect the wastewater produced by approximately 472,000 people. If fully operated, this project will be able to account for the needs of 1,000,000 people in Mashhad.
The wastewater is treated using MLE (Modified Ludzack - Ettinger) method and the main units of the plant include coarse & fine screen, aerated grit chamber, primary and secondary sedimentation tanks, aeration tank, sludge treatments units, control and monitoring centre, as well as units of storage, administration, workshop building.

This plant is defined based on the needs of the client on the following criteria:

  • Environmental improvement of Mashhad
  • Achieving national sanitation standards
  • Using the plant outlet for irrigating 4,445 hectares of agricultural lands

Scope of Work

  • Designing of Wastewater Treatment Plant in disciplines such as Processing, Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instruments & Control of the plant
  • Procurement of special equipment
  • Construction and installation of the plant
  • Operation for one year

Key Statistics

  • Earthwork: 220,000 m3
  • Concrete: 27,000 m3
  • Formwork: 60,000 m2
  • Reinforcement: 2,800 t
  • Administrative and auxiliary buildings: 1,100 m2

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