Construction of Cargo Village Main Building, Iraqi Airways, Baghdad International Airport

Client: Iraqi Airways Company (affiliated to the Ministry of Transportation)
Type of contract: EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
Contract period: 24 months
Location: Bagdad, Iraq
Status: Under Construction

Project Outline:

The project is to build the air transport Iraqi airways in Baghdad airport as a transit service building. This compound consists of two major niches to deliver the goods, a three-storey administrative building with 50,000 square meters infrastructure area, connective roads, the service-spaces and landscaping. The structure of the building is concrete & its foundation is raft type.

Scope of Work

  • The design, procurement and construction of a complex of air transport building which compound two niches and a three-storey administrative building which consists of administrative spaces, laboratories, cafeteria, utilities rooms, elevator, quarantine spaces, animals storage areas, the morgues, security (X-rays), the parking of light and heavy machinery and green spaces and the landscaping.
  • The design of this building includes the structure, architecture, mechanical design (including wastewater system and vent, air conditioning, fire alarm and extinction, boilers and hot weather, elevator), electrical installations (lighting, chamber of energy, uninterruptible power supply, CCTV, area lighting, earthing).
  • Geotechnical studies of mentioned parts have been done by Kayson with cooperation of employer and engineering section of university of technology in Baghdad.

Key Statistics:

  • Total gross floor area: 52,000 m²
  • Earthwork: 110,000 m³
  • Concrete: 45,000 m³
  • Isolation: 100,000 m²
  • Elevator by capacity of 8 & 10 persons:10 set
  • Water reservoirs: 13 with 225,000 liter capacity.
  • Water piping: 4,000 m
  • Waste pipe: 3,300 m

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