Ahwaz Urban Railway Project

Client: Ahwaz Municipality, Ahwaz Urban Railway Organization
Project Manager: Scetiran Consulting Engineers
Type of Contract: EPC
Contract Period: 48 months
Partner: Norinco of China
Location: Ahwaz City, Capital of Khuzistan Province
Project Outline
The population of Ahwaz city, the capital of Khuzistan Province, which according to a census conducted in 2006 stood at 1.38 million, is forecasted to reach 1.6 million in 2021. The city will, therefore, urgently need modern transportation systems, particularly urban railway networks, in order to retain its position as a leading agricultural, industrial and educational center. Fulfillment of this project reduces urban traffic congestion and air pollution thereby provides comfort and welfare for all citizens. Saving in expenses of journeys within the city and offering the most effective and safest transportation system are the other advantages of this project.

Traffic models carried out for Ahwaz city provide for four lines. The first line will carry the most passengers (its peak hour ridership is 17,000 per hour each way). This line is built all underground and will commence at Pasdaran Blvd. northeast of the city. Passing through city’s central and crowded district, it will lead toward Golestan Blvd. in southwest. The total length of line 1 is about 23 km and will have 23 stations to provide easy access to the city's major commercial and administrative centers. The travel time, including stops at stations, will be about 44 minutes. At peak travel times, the two trains will operate on the line with the headway of 210 seconds and the maximum speed of trains will reach 80 km/h.

Scope of Work
The project's scope of work includes provision of engineering, supply of equipment & materials, construction and installation works, commissioning and training in different areas such as tunneling, construction of railway stations and related access roads, depot buildings, wagon parking facilities, central control building, inter-tunnel ventilators, laying rails, electrical and mechanical equipment, locomotives and wagons for the entire line.

Key Statistics
  • Tunneling: 19×2 km with outer diameter of 6.8 m & inner diameter of 5.9 m
  • Rail laying: approximately 23 km, two lines
  • Stations:23
  • Parking and depot buildings:45,500 m2
  • Central control buildings: 5,000 m2
  • Earthwork: 4,000,000 m3
  • Reinforcement: 80,000 t
  • Concrete: 950,000 m3
  • Formwork: 600,000 m2
  • Segmental lining: 156,000 concrete segments in 26,000 rings

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