Aliabad Katoul-Shahrood 70 Km, 16” Gas Pipeline

Client: National Iranian Gas Company
Contract Period: 22 Months
Commencement Date: Jan 1988
Location: Aliabad-Shahrood, Iran

Project Outline
The 16-inch, 0.203-0.281-inch thick, tar-coated, 70-Kilometer Aliabad-to-Shahrood Gas Pipeline passed through one of Iran's roughest terrains. The pipeline branched out from Sarakhs/Neka main pipeline at km 641+700 to reach the outskirts of the city of Shahrood, traversing seemingly impassable mountains, marshlands, forests and rivers.

Main Features

  • Volume of Excavation in Normal and Rocky Terrain: 2.2 Million Cubic Meters
  • Excavation in Rocky Terrain: 1.3 Million Cubic Meters
  • Explosives: 27 tonnes

From Kilometer 0-10, the pipeline passed through farm fields and marshlands; from kilometer 10-24 through forests, semi-mountainous regions, rivers and swamps; from kilometer 10-24 through impassable mountains with slopes of 30 to 60 percent, under freezing temperatures, fog and constant rainfall; from kilometer 40-70 through farmlands and orchards, rising up to 2300 meters above the main pipeline from which it originally branched out.

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