Almahdi Aluminum Complex (8 Separate Contracts)

Client: Almahdi Aluminum Complex
Consulting Engineers: M & F Wimpey, Novin, Kahanroba, Pars Adak, Noha, Enerji Farda, Parsican Iran
Location: Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan Province, Iran
Status: Completed

Project Outline
Almahdi is one of the largest and most modern aluminum smelting plants in the Middle East. The Plant's first phase became operational in mid-1997 with a production capacity of 110,000 tonnes of pure aluminum ingot per year, meeting nearly 80% of Iran's current needs. As the second and third phases of the project come online within the next few years, annual output will reach 220 and 330 thousand tonnes respectively, thus making Iran not only totally self-sufficient in its domestic requirements well into the new century, but also providing a surplus enough to supply the nation's export markets in the foreseeable future.

Construction Time and Kick-off Date of Each Contract

  • Civil engineering work of phase 1: 24 months, 1992
  • Manufacture and sale of steel structures of the potroom: 7.5 months, 1993
  • Transportation and installation of potroom's steel structures: 9 months,1993
  • Zinc factory: 6 months, 1994 (Client: Iran Mineral Processing Co.)
  • Civil engineering works of P.F.T.P. units 1 & 2: 10 months, 1994
  • Wastewater network and landscaping: 8 months, 1995
  • Anode-rodding and pallet storage: 30 months, 1995
  • Electrical substation and rectifier: 20 months, 1997

Main Features

  • Design, Manufacture and Installation of Machinery and Equipment
  • Civil Engineering Work Relating to Pot Repair Shop, Warehouse, Workshop, with a Total Area of 64,000
  •  Square Meters.Installation of a Substation, Rectifier & Auxiliary Facilities
  • Anode Rodding Plant: 17,000 Square Meters
  • Zinc Smelting Plant: 10,000 Square Meters
  • Surface Water Network: 5200 Meters
  • Earthwork: 408,500 Cubic Meters
  • Concrete: 120,000 Cubic Meters
  • Reinforcement: 9,980 Tonnes
  • Steel Structures: 2,290 Tonnes
  • Formwork: 134,000 Square Meters

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