Amir Kabir Commercial Complex

Client: Kayson (Investor) in partnership with Tehran Municipality, District 12 (Land Owner)
Type of Contract: Design-Build & Investment
Location: Tehran, Iran
Status: Completed

Project Outline
Just above the Amir Kabir Underground Motorway, Kayson is building a commercial complex, destined to become a major commodity supply and trading center for household appliances on a national scale.

This four-story complex, which encompasses a total area of 52,000 square meters, combines the elegance of traditional Iranian architecture with the advanced techniques of modern construction.

The Amir Kabir Commercial Complex is designed with the aim of providing all the conveniences that a modern trading center might need, including state-of-the-art communication links, restaurants, sport, recreational and parking facilities. Spacious offices and warehouses are also available to retailers to use for administrative purposes and to store their goods.

Specifications & Key Statistics

  • The total gross floor area of Amir Kabir Commercial Complex is 52,000 square meters, including:
    Western block: 27,150 square meters
    Eastern block: 25,000 square meters
  • The total floorage of auxiliary service buildings is 25,000 square meters, including:
    -Public and private parking units: 420
    -Storage and commodity delivery facilities: 6,100 square meters
    -Cafeteria, athletic club, office space, etc.: 1,300 square meters
    -There are 390 commercial units in the Western Block. The number of units in the Eastern Block will be determined after implementing final design changes.
  • The area of commercial units stands at 12.5 to 57 square meters. The areas of other facilities such as bank and exhibition range from 200 to 250 meters.
  • The minimum and maximum areas of commercial offices are 50 and 100 square meters respectively.

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