4TH Aromatics Plant, Process Area

Client: Borzouyeh Petrochemical Company
Partners: Jahan Pars & Tehran Jonoob Companies
Consulting Engineers: SAZEH, LG, TEC
Supervision Body: SAZEH
Type of Contract: Construction
Contract Period: 26 months
Location: Assaluyeh, Bushehr province, Iran
Status: Completed

Project Outline

The 4th Aromatics Plant is the world’s largest petrochemical aromatics producing complex. The Oil Ministry and the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) of Iran awarded this project to a joint venture between Jahan Pars, Kayson and Tehran Jonoob companies.

The project employed over 2,500 workers and nearly 250 site staff, mostly engineers and technicians, making it one of the largest petrochemical projects carried out by a private sector company in Iran.

With a total annual capacity of 1.28 million tonnes, the plant produces 750,000 tonnes of paraxylene, 430,000 tonnes of benzene and 100,000 tonnes of orthoxylene per year as its main products. Pentane cut, liquefied gas, light hydrocarbons, heavy aromatics and raffinate are considered as byproducts of this plant and 3.19 million tonnes of them are yearly produced. The annual feedstocks of the plant are supplied by the liquefied gases of first, second and third phases of South Pas Gas Field which are 4.5 million tonnes as well as 270,000 tonnes of benzene pyrolysis which are provided by Jam Petrochemical Company, the implementer of the 10th Olefin project.

Scope of Work

The project involved civil and structural works, installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation, above and underground cabling and piping. An important feature of the project was the contractor’s commitment to operate a quality management system based on ISO 9001 standards, using advanced techniques of project control and putting in place effective occupational health, safety & environmental management systems.

Key Statistics

  • Earthwork: 394,000 m3
  • Total Concrete: 77,000  m3
  • Industrial Building: 12,000 m2
  • Steel Structure: 6,750 t
  • Total Piping: 1,110,000 (inch-dia)
  • Super heavy Equipment: 6,800 t
  • Fixed, Rotary, Fire Heaters: 23,000 t
  • Insulation Work: 160,000 m2
  • Electrical Cabling: 636 km
  • Instrument Cabling: 513 km*
  • Painting: 346,000 m2
    * 11,000 I/O

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