Construction Work of Sangmelima - Mekok – Bikoula (65 Km. Road) in Republic of Cameroon

Client: Ministry of Public Works, Republic of Cameroon
Type of Contract: Construction
Contract Period: 30 months
Location: Dja-et-Lobo Division South Region, Republic of Cameroon
Status: Under Construction

Project Outline

Construction works of the Sangmelima – Ouesso road, Lot 1: Sangmelima – Djoum, Section 1: Sangmelima – Mekok – Bikoula (65 km), Situated in the Dja et Lobo Division, south region.

Scope of Works

Road Component:

  • Site installation
  • Construction studies
  • Preparatory works
  • Earthworks
  • Execution of a 7.5 m wide carriageway with 2×2 m double surface paved shoulders each in build-up areas
    The carriageway structure comprises the following:
    - Construction of drainage structures (concrete box and ring culverts, slaps, ditches, etc.)
    - Construction of bridges
    - Realization of road equipment, signing and marking
    - Construction of a weighing station for heavy duty vehicles, including a parking area of 50,000 m2
    - Construction of a weighing station between Sangmelima and Djoum
    - Installation of an automatic metering post
    - Implementation of road protection measures

Drainage Structures Component:

  • The works consist of the construction of five 2 × (2.5 m × 2.5 m) double slaps and 3 triple 3 × (2.5 m × 2.5 m) slaps.
  • Characteristics common to the major slaps:
    - Carriageway width: 7.50 m
    - Shoulder width: 2 × 1.50 m

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