Representative Office Building of Construction Engineers Organization of Tehran Province, Andisheh City

Client:Construction Engineers Organization of Tehran Province
Consultant: Construction Engineers Organization of Tehran Province
Type of Contract:C (Construction)
Location:Andisheh City, Iran
Status: Completed

As one of Iran’s leading international construction holdings and a pioneer in modern methods of construction as well as promotion of sustainable green construction practices, Kayson has been awarded an EPC contract for and is successfully implementing the construction of the representative office building of Tehran Construction Engineering Organization (TCEO) situated in the New Andisheh Township, near Tehran. For Kayson, building this organization’s first green building, not only provides valuable experience to our design, procurement and construction teams, but also serves as a platform to promote sustainable green practices within the Iranian building construction sector. With the aim of increasing energy efficiency, utilization of renewable energy, reduction of carbon footprint during operation and use of recyclable building material, many modern methods, technologies and material were incorporated in this project.

Upon successful design and implementation of this project, average energy consumption for this building was reduced by 80% compared to average national consumption rates for buildings being constructed traditionally in Iran. In addition, the annual carbon emission footprint for the TCEO office building was found to be 82% less than the national average for buildings in Iran. According to our investigations using checklists provided by U.S. Green Building Council, the TCEO office was able to obtain a score of 61; which would be able to obtain a Gold level certification according to LEED standards.

Some of the primary sustainable green innovations and systems utilized in this project include:

  • Illuminance Analysis to maximize the use of Natural Lighting throughout the Building
  • Condensing Boiler.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow System.
  • Heat Recovery System.
  • Precast External Thermal Insulating Composite System for Façade.
  • High-Efficiency Electric Lighting System.
  • Solar Power Generation System
  • Solar Water Heater System.

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