Construction of Akuetom- Mocomo- Djibloo- Bizam road in D’Anisok district in Guinea Equatorial

Client: Ministry of Infrastructure and Urbanism, Equatorial Guinea
Type of Contract: Design-Build
Location: Anisok, Equatorial Guinea
Status: Completed

Project Outline

Design and construction of a 45-kilometer road comprised of four sections: Anisok to Djibloo, Djibloo to Ekowang (north and west), and Ekowang to Bicurqa, as well as construction of access and detour roads, installation of guardrails and traffic signs. The project also calls for design and construction of a 95-meter long bridge on Wele river.

Key Statistics

  • Road length: 45 km
  • Road width: 10 m
  • Base: 144,000 m3
  • Sub base: 23,000 m3
  • Excavation and backfill: 2,230,000 m3

The road starts in flat terrain and gradually passes through mountainous areas, mostly covered by dense equatorial forests.

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