Imam Khomeini International Airport, (phase 1) (Design and Build, “Fast-Track”)

Client: Ministry of Roads & Transportation
Contract Period: 24 Months
Type of Contract: Design-Build
Location: Tehran, Iran
Status: Completed

Project Outline

The Imam Khomeini International Airport was an outstanding example of the impressive range of expertise that modern megaprojects demand: Project management and control, procurement, construction, and administration of the design and engineering subcontracts. Therefore, at the prequalification stage, Kayson had to prove its ability to plan, direct and manage this fast-track, multidisciplinary megaproject.

It is no wonder that Kayson has been recognized as one of the few construction and engineering firms in developing countries which possesses the resources and technological know-how necessary to build an international airport, and the government agency in charge of evaluating contracting and consulting engineering firms, the Management and Planning Organization, has assigned Kayson grade 1 (the highest ranking granted by that organization) in building transportation systems. One only has to take a look at the following facts and figures to get a true picture of the magnitude, complexity, and speed of execution of this megaproject:

  • The design and build contract between Kayson and the Ministry of Roads and Transportation was signed in Oct,1995.
  • The first set of drawings were completed a month laterConstruction of the terminal building started less than two months later.
  • Overall, 6000 sheets of drawings were prepared.
  • Over 25000 activities were supervised and controlled on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Subcontract management involved 27 major consulting engineering and contracting firms, including the prominent French company, ADP.
  • 500 cubic meters of concrete, 25 tonnes of reinforcement bars, and 100 tonnes of paving material were used each day.
  • 138 design engineers and technicians labored to prepare the drawings, while 90 civil engineers and technicians, backed by a workforce of over 850 people and 300 pieces of construction equipment, worked virtually around the clock to put them into effect.

Main Features

Kayson's Scope of Work Included Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of:

  • A 78,000 Square Meter Passenger Terminal
  • 12,000 Square Meters of Service and Auxiliary Buildings
  • A 155,000 Square Meter Aircraft Maintenance Apron
  • A 4,200-Meter Long and 60-Meter Wide Runway
  • 12,800 Meters of 45-Meter Wide Taxiways
  • 27,500 Meters of 35-Meter Wide Access Roads n Nine Access Bridges for Motor Vehicles, and four Aircraft Taxiway Bridges.
  • Water Treatment Facilities and Distribution Networks
  • Fire-Fighting Facilities
  • Aircraft Refueling Network
  • Multi-Story Car Parking Facilities
  • Auxiliary Control Buildings, Loading Docks, and Storage Buildings.

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