Iran Grand Shopping Mall (Iran Mall)

Main Employer: ALBORZ-TAT Construction Development Company
Employer:Kayson Inc.
Contractor:Omran Kayson
Type of contract: E, MC
Location:Tehran, Iran
Status:Under Execution

General Description of the Project
Iran Mall project, with built-up area of 1,669,504 m2, considered the largest commercial complex in the Middle East and North Africa, has been successfully executed under the engineering and executive management of Omran Kayson Company. During the design phase of this prestigious project, more than 37 domestic and foreign consulting engineers, under the supervision of Omran Kayson’s Engineering Department, using the latest technologies and design methods in the world, fusing traditional and modern architectural style, succeeded in creating a unique engineering masterpiece, materialized in the form of a world-class mixed-use property. During the execution phase, while benefiting for a Kayson Group’s Execution and Project Management capabilities, Omran Kayson has successfully procured goods and services from 290 individual contractors in the form of 689 separate contracts in various disciplines, to execute and deliver this monumental complex in time and with world class quality.

Project’s Major Statistic

  • Commercial: 183,348 m2
  • Cultural: 5,200 m2
  • Hospitality: 3,400 m2
  • Sports: 1,763 m2
  • Commercial stairway and access corridors: 137,577 m2
  • Commercial parking: 57,196 m2
  • Total area of commercial area and parking: 903,484 m2
  • Hotel entrance areas: 17,837 m2
  • Hotel facilities: 30,004 m2
  • Total area of the Hotel tower: 101,841 m2
  • Total area of Iran’s Grand Bazaar project: 1,005,325 m2

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