Iranmall Mosque

Mosque of the prophet Mohammad (Rasoal Allah)is located in G0 level in IranMall project in Iran , East side of southern connector near one of the main entrances of this level. The area of this mosque is 1100 meters Square and includes two nursery with separate entrances for women and men prayers.

Considering Qiblah direction in shaping mosque area, Nurseries have a rotation relative to main entrance and alter. This has a long history in Iran mosques like Isfahan Naghsh-e- Jahan square

This rotation in mosque view can’t be seen, however the rotation has been made in distance between main entrance and main nursery with 12 columns symbolizes 12 Imams.
The distance between columns is covered with wooden lattice Islamic Geometry .

In the center of main entrance a fountain with 80 centimeters in height and 120 centimeters in diameter is located that is all stone. Surface of fountain is designed with one of the Islamic Geometry used in mosque that is carved in stone with hand. Regarding the importance of purity of prayers, ablution is the first place everyone sees in entrance of mosque .In the top of fountain a chandelier with 60 crystal branches is located.

The main Atrium consists of 13 domes surrounded with 4 columns. 12 domes is a symbol of 12 Imams surrounding middle dome which is sign of Allah.

The diameter of main dome is 3.1 meter and is covered with white, cyan, azure, beige and honey Color tiles. tiling of domes of main nursery is done through multiple centuries of traditional tiling. All colored surfaces are baked in furnace. All parts are cut with hand and installed in its place.

Four sides of Atrium have strips of tiles with masonry texts containing Allah, Ali and Mohammad that are repeated regularly.

Altar of mosque is located in west southern part of main nursery and has interesting tiles. Holy word of Allah is installed with golden glazed tiles on altar frame. The colors of the main face Tiling are cyan, white and azure.

A beautiful chandelier consisting of 90 branches is located in the center that starts from 2.5 meter from the ground. These branches are connected to main chandelier. The crystals of chandelier have 24% lead oxide. This amount of lead oxide creates a high level of transparency and avoids opacity during time. Bronze parts are used in chandelier with swiss gold covering. on columns around the main Atrium similar wall lights has been used.

The ceiling of the mosque is composed of gypsum modules that are arranged regularly.
Each module contains an Iranian geometry pattern with a HASHTPAR shape (Intersection of two squares) in the middle of it Which is covered with a cyan color tile intervals between each of the gypsum modules are covered with tiny 10-centimeter tiles with sacred names scripted. The gypsum inscriptions of Quran also extend throughout the Nurseries.

The hashtpar form (Intersection of two squares)that is one of the symbols of Iranian geometry has been used clearly in the design wooden of the mosque.

700 square meters of carpets used in the mosque's nurseries are handmade and the work of 150 people. The carpet design is based on geophysical and tile designs of the Safavid era. In the part of the carpet under the dome, the roof design is reflected in the role of the carpet

The mosque façade is Designed in three parts. Men's and women's entrances are made with White stone frames, In the mosque's exterior, the color of tiles and the background are reversed.

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