Mosque, Tajikestan

Tajikistan mosque is the largest mosque in Central Asia. The mosque has a capacity of 100,000 Worshipers. Its area is 12000 hectares.

Employer : STS construction, Tajikistan Consultant & designer : DAR-OL-HENDESE company, Lebanon

Contractor: VIMA Co.

facade area:44000m2, Include pure GRC & combination of GRC & Isfahan poly-ceramic tile

The mosque construction project started in 2011 The mosque has three main entrances. The mosque consists of 17 small domes with a diameter of 9.8 m, The main dome whit a diameter of 31 m and 4 large minarets up to 14 m high. The interior walls of the main and secondary Nursery is a combination of GRC and painted Gypsum boards.

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