Qom Monorail Project, Line 1, Phase 1

Client: Qom Urban Railway Organization
Partner: MAPNA Group
Type of Contract: EPC
Contract Period: 30 months
Location: City of Qom, Qom Province
Status: Under Construction

Project Outline

The construction of Qom’s monorail system is part of a nationally-coordinated plan to ease traffic congestion in Iran’s major cities. The project, Iran’s first monorail system, is being implemented by a joint venture of MAPNA Group and Kayson Company within the framework of an EPC contract. The first phase of the project, which comprises a 6.8 km line with eight stations, is expected to be completed in 30 months. Average speed of operation is 40 km/h with 4 minutes headway. This straddle-beam monorail is designed to carry 12,000 passengers when it opens to the public in the first operation phase and 19,000 passengers in 2026.

The holy city of Qom, located 150 km south of capital, Tehran, is a significant destination for a large number of pilgrims. The project is aimed at improving services for the citizens and pilgrims visiting the city.

Scope of Work

  • Basic and detail design of civil structures including the foundation, columns, reinforced concrete beams, stations, depots, terminals, as well procurement of all needed materials.
  • Basic and detail design of the fleet; installation of mechanical, electrical, signaling and communication equipment; provision of electrical power, switching design, plus procurement of the fleet, related equipment and commissioning.

Key Statistics

  • Embankment (cut & fill): 730,000 cubic meters
  • Formwork: 200,000 square meters
  • Concrete: 110,000 cubic meters
  • Reinforcement: 18,000 tonnes
  • Steel structures: 3,000 tonnes
  • Sandwich panel: 27,000 square meters
  • 3D panel: 25,000 square meters
  • Precast concrete beams (by the accelerated steam curing method): 16,600 meters
  • Average area of each station: 3,500 square meters
  • Parking, repair & maintenance facilities:22,500 square meters
  • Ancillary, control center and support buildings: 6,800 square meters
  • Dynamic compaction: 55,000 square meters

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