Navab Residential Complex

Client: Tehran Municipality, District 12 (Tehran Abadsaz Company)
Consulting Engineers: Gueno
Contract Period: 8.5 Months
Commencement Date: Sept. 1995
Location: Tehran, Iran

Project Outline

As one of Iran's leading engineering and construction firms, Kayson has played a major role in the fulfillment of the goals set for the NAVAB Project, the most ambitious urban modernization plan ever undertaken in Iran. The plan called for the construction of tens of thousands of square meters of modern office buildings, commercial and cultural centers, as well as hundreds of large and small residential apartments.

One of the main features of the project was the large-scale use of new construction materials, including malm bricks for facades, P.V.C. windows, prefabricated gypsum false ceilings, P.V.C. Pipes of sewers, etc.

Key Statistics

  • Residential Area: 32,000 Square Meters
  • Commercial Area: 2,000 Square Meters
  • Reinforcement Work: 340 Tonnes
  • Formwork: 37,000 Square Meters
  • False Ceiling: 25,000 Square Meters
  • Brick Façade: 30,000 Square Meters
  • Gypsum Wall Panels: 40,000 Square Meters
  • Concrete and Clay Blocks: 15,000 Square Meters
  • Tiles and Ceramics: 22,000 Square Meters
  • Wiring and Cabling: 400,000 Meters
  • Gas, Water & Wastewater Network: 250,000 Meters

Other Activities
Construction of a fire-fighting water supply station, water pumping facilities, a central antenna, and fire-warning system.

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