Khasab to Al-Khalidyeh Road Project

Client: Sultanate of Oman, Ministry of Transport & Communications
Consulting Engineers: Renardet S.A & Partners
Type of Contract: Construction
Contract Period: 41 Months
Location: khasab City, Musandam Governorate, Oman

Project Outline
The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Sultanate of Oman has launched a concreted effort, highly coordinated and on a national scale, to expand and modernize the country’s transportation systems, including a road network and a highway linking the northern and southern regions.

The Khasab to Al-Khalidyyah Road Project which is situated in Oman's Musandam Governorate called for the construction of an approximately 20.6 km paved road. This project comprised the first section of Khasab to Diba Al-Bayah network; it also includes 21.9 km paved secondary road which provides access roads to the near-by villages.

Scope of Work
The project consists of a major primary road with the total width of 13m and consists of two 3.5-m lanes (7m in total), plus two 2m paved shoulders and two 1m unpaved shoulders. It also comprises a 9-meters long secondary road, which is a major secondary road, and consists of two 3.5m lanes (7m  in total), plus two 0.5m paved shoulders and two 0.5m unpaved shoulders at the sides. The contract includes construction of culverts, protective structures (Irish Crossing) in areas where runoff or flood water flows over the road, construction of concrete curbs where needed, manufacture and installation of guardrails and protective concrete segments, protection of slopes via riprapping & similar methods in accordance with shop drawings and technical specifications, and installation of route markings & traffic signs.

Key Statistics (including major & secondary roads)

  • Cutting: 66,311 m3
  • Filling: 389,008 m3
  • Base Course: 96,462 m3
  • Asphalt Surfacing: 26,479 m3
  • Concrete: 31,769 m3
  • Reinforcement: 752.5 t
  • Slope Protection Via Riprapping: 39,546 m3
  • Slope Protection Via Gabions: 38,349 m3
  • Geotextile: 121,019 m2
  • Street Curb: 400 m
  • Protective Concrete Segment: 2,300 m

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