Parand New City 16,080 Residential Units Housing Project

Land Provider: Parand New City Development Company
Credit Provider: Bank Maskan
Contract Period: 31 months
Type of Contract: EPC
Location: Parand New City, Phase 6, Tehran, Iran

Project Outline
Parand New City 16,080–unit Housing Project, Iran’s largest, is being designed and built by Kayson on the basis of a memorandum of understanding that Kayson has signed with Parand New City Development Company (land provider) and Bank Maskan (credit provider). The township is built via Kayson’s mass housing method, the “Cast-in-Situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System”. The layout of these residential blocks is in such a way that enables constructing and providing all the infrastructures and welfare facilities needed for creating a township.

Parand New City 16,080–unit housing complex is one of the world’s fastest and most cost-effective reinforced concrete industrial mass housing projects. Long durability, resistant to the strongest earthquakes and other natural disasters are some of the other achievements of this project to be mentioned. In this project, designing and constructing 16 sets of wall formwork and 128 sets of ceiling formworks enables Kayson to construct 64 housing units per day.

Scope of Work

 The project's scope of work involves design, procurement and construction of 16,080 housing units which are being built in five-story blocks, of which %25 have three bedrooms, %63 two bedrooms and %12 one bedroom.

Key Statistics (for 16,080 units)

  • Gross floor area of housing units: 1,490,000 m2
  • Earthwork: 2,000,000 m3
  • Streets and open parking spaces: 490,000 m2
  • Reinforcing bars: 42,500 t
  • Concrete: 520,000 m3

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