Parand New City 552-Unit Housing Project

Contractor & Investor: Ettehad Omran Pars (Kayson’s subsidiary)
Partners: Housing Investment Company and Dashtsazan Company
Location: Parand New City, Tehran, Iran
Status: Completed

Project Outline

Parand 552-unit housing was built on a 50,000 square meter plot of land located in the proximity of Imam Khomeini International Airport, using Kayson’s “Cast–in–situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System.

The main objective guiding the project’s design concept was to create a housing complex that would serve as a national model for building durable, cost-effective, and earthquake resistant mass housing projects faster and with the highest possible quality. To this end, special attention was paid to architectural diversity, separating private and public spaces, creating beautiful perspectives and a landscape design with lush green space virtually surrounding the entire complex.

Scope of Work

Design and construction of a 552-unit residential housing complex, comprised of one, two and three-bedroom apartments, using Kayson’s “Cast–in–situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System.

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