South Pars Field Development Project, Phases 2&3, Site Preparation

Client: TOTAL South Pars
Contract Period: 8 Months
Commencement Date: Oct. 1998
Type of Contract: Design-Build
Location: Port of Assaluyeh, Iran
Partner: Bec Freres of France

Project Outline
In early October 1998, a contract was signed between the prominent French company, TOTAL, and a joint venture of Kayson and another French-based company, Bec Freres, (known as KAYSON INTERNATIONAL JOINT VENTURE) to begin site development for a gas treatment facility located near the Port of Assaluyeh in the Southern Iranian Province of Boushehr.

The South Pars Field is being developed in multi phases, each of which is based on an output level of at least one billion cubic feet per day of natural gas and 40,000 barrels per day of associated condensate. The sphere of the work performed by the joint venture covered phases two and three and included the actual site of the gas treatment facility, the construction area where the prefabrication workshop for the gas treatment plant will be located, and the camp area comprising office space, sleeping quarters, a clinic, as well as storage and other facilities.

Main Features
The TOTAL South Pars Gas Field Development Project (Phases two & three) which encompassed an area of over 2.8 million square meters called for nearly 7 million cubic meters of earthwork, 24 km of earth and concrete-lined culverts and channels. 12 km of fencing, 14.5 km of roads, 91,000 square meters of slope protection, over 5000 square meters of office, living, storage and other facilities- all to be completed within merely 8 months. To get the work done on time, Kayson mobilized as many as 1300 workers laboring 10-hour days and 350 pieces of light and heavy construction equipment operating virtually around the clock.

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