South Pars, Phases 4&5, Site Preparation

Client: AGIP Iran
Contract Period: 5 Months
Commencement Date: Sep. 2001
Type of Contract: Design-Build
Location: Port of Assaluyeh, Iran
Partners: Jahan Pars & Tehran Jonoob Companies.

Project Outline
The South Pars Gas Field Site Preparation Project (Phases 4 & 5) was the second project in which Kayson experienced working with a foreign client in the Iranian port of Assaluyeh. The only difference was that this time the project had to be completed in half the time- although it involved virtually the same scope of work, including the same volume of earthwork as phases 2 & 3.

Apart from the time pressure, the most challenging issue facing the project management team was to bring the project's implementation process into line with quality standards and construction procedures employed in developed countries. Thus, Kayson had to put in place an effective quality management system, set up an efficient and well-equipped HSE unit, work out detailed plans for daily, weekly & monthly progress reporting, make sure the necessary hardware and software were available to provide reliable communication links and information flow throughout the project management organization, and deploy schedule & cost control procedures to make certain that the project was completed on time and within budget.

In a matter of a few weeks, site mobilization was completed, an HSE unit composed of 22 employees assumed responsibility for health & safety and environmental management, the Finance and Administration Department took charge of 1800 workers and employees and a considerable cash flow per month, the IT & Computer Services Department set up a network to handle the storage, retrieval and distribution of information, the documentation section drew up a master plan for total and ongoing documentation of construction activities, the logistics and procurement units saw to it that the project's requirements were met in a timely and efficient manner.

General Information
The South Pars Gas Field Development Project (Phases 4 & 5) is designed to produce 50 million cubic meters of natural gas per year, 8 thousand barrels of associated condensates per day, 1.05 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas per day, and 1 million tonnes of ethane per year to be used as feed stock by petrochemical plants.

 Scope of Work

  • Detailed Engineering
  • Grading of natural soil to form five horizontal plane levels ranging from +90m to +38m.
  • Construction of the main roads to provide access during construction of the refinery.
  • Preliminary drainage system to provide surface draining during construction of the refinery.
  • Temporary fencing of the site.

Key Statistics

  • Cutting 4,086,477 Cubic meters
  • Filling 1,953,446 Cubic meters
  • Roads 8,249 Meters
  • Fencing 4,616 Meters
  • Drainage Network 14,947 Meters Achievements at Peak

 Achievements at Peak

  • Cutting 56,023 Cubic meters per day
  • Filling & grading 44,726 Cubic meters per day
  • Total no. of equipment at site 845 Units
  • Total workforce 1800 People

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