Poldasht Irrigation & Drainage Network

Client: West Azerbaijan Regional Water Authority
Consulting Engineers: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Engineering Co.
Contract Period: 36 Months
Location: Poldasht, West Azerbaijan Province, Iran
Status: Completed

Project Outline
Poldasht Irrigation and Drainage Network is located in West Azerbaijan Province, 25 km from the city of Poldasht. The area’s irrigation system was based on traditional methods such as border ditch irrigation which resulted in a lot of surface run off. The main objective of the project was, therefore, to provide a modern irrigation and drainage system for 12,000 hectares of agricultural land. The entire project was divided into five sections. The contract for the first section which encompassed an area of nearly 3700 hectares was awarded to Kayson. In addition to the diversion dam, Kayson’s scope of work called for the construction of 16 primary and secondary irrigation and drainage canals, plus the related auxiliary structures, in a triangular area each of whose side spanned nearly 20 kilometers.

The Main Objectives of the Project Were as Follows:

  • Disposal of wastewater and drainage of farmlands
  • Construction of concrete-lined canals to improve the efficiency of the irrigation network.
  • To implement an economical and effective irrigation water distribution system.
  • Construction of a diversion dam across Zangebar river, 36 meters long and 3 meters from the river bed to regulate and transfer the water to the main irrigation and drainage canals.

Scope of Work

  • Construction of the Main Canals and Drainage Network.
  • Concrete-Lined Irrigation Canals: 35 Kilometers
  • Surface Drainage Network: 30 Kilometers
  • Administrative Buildings
  • Construction of Service Roads
  • Procurement and Installation of Hydro-Mechanical Equipment

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