Sattarkhan Traditional Grand Mall

Client: Kayson (Investor) in Partnership with Tehran Investment & Public Participation Organization & Tehran Municipality, District2
Type of Contract: Design-Build & Investment
Location: Tehran, Iran
Status: Completed

Project Outline

The Sattarkhan Great Mall is situated midway between Sheikh Fazlollah and Ale’Ahmad Highways, under the Yadegar Imam Flyover and its vicinity. The project is divided into 5 separate sections, with a total floor area of 72,000 square meters. Sections one and four which comprise the project’s first phase as well as other parts of the Yadegar Imam project have already come online and been opened to the public. The project’s second phase encompasses section two, three and five, with a total floorage of 28,580 square meters, consisting of 621 commercial and office units. This phase is being executed within the framework of a contract concluded between Kayson and district 2 of Tehran Municipality (Tehran Investment and Public Participation Organization).

Since the project is being carried out via a design-build project delivery system, Kayson assigned a team of experts to review the initial designs in order to optimize the value delivered to the end-user. The buildings’ façade is a combination of traditional and modern architecture, consisting of bricks, glass, stone and aluminum sheets, thus creating a pleasant urban environment. The design provides for easily accessible entrances, numerous elevators and escalators, adequate parking and other facilities.

Project from another point of view

Given the fact that Sattarkhan Great Mall is being built under the Yadegar Imam Flyover, in a mostly residential area, it will greatly contribute to the public health and security of the community as well as boosting constructive local business activities. Sattarkhan Mall’s easy access to Tehran’s main highway networks makes it an ideal place to work and do business.

Some of the significance features of Sattarkhan Great Mall are as follows:

  • Pleasant ventilation system, acoustic system, fire control & alarm system and emergency power supply
  • Facing local parks and green spaces, equipped with private outdoor parking lots, with the capacity of 458 parking spaces and ring road access
  • Private access between commercial sections in the junctions with side roads via footbridges, using architectural methods which suit the overall plan of the project
  • Public open areas equipped with water front, green spaces facing main streets and new public areas as well as central staircase within the building

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