Central Fruit and Vegetable Market Of Tehran

Client: Engineering and Development Organization of Tehran
Consulting Engineers: Gueno
Commencement Date: 1991 & 1993 Location: Tehran, Iran

Project Outline
Tehran’s old fruit and vegetable markets were mostly situated in populated areas, thus creating numerous health hazards and traffic problems for local residents. To overcome these problems, it was decided to build a modern, well-equipped central market outside of city limits. However, building a project of such vast proportions, involving extremely diverse tasks and, in many cases, requiring simultaneous design and construction, called for considerable logistical, material and human resources as well as organizational flexibility. To keep the project on time, Kayson set up a prefabrication workshop right on site, built storage facilities for fuel and building materials, and mobilized a large number of plants and equipment.

Scope of Work

  • Landscaping, Green Space, Thoroughfares, Sidewalks, Parking Facilities, etc., encompassing a total area of 270 hectares.
  • Commercial Buildings, Warehouse, Sales Halls, Police and Fire Stations: 70,000 Square Meters.
  • Low Voltage & High Voltage Distribution and Lighting Networks: 68,000 Meters
  • Earthwork: 3,400,000 Cubic Meters Volume of Concrete: 135,000 Cubic Meters
  • Reinforcement & Metal Work: 45,000 Tonnes
  • Surface Water Network: 17,200 Meters
  • Open and Covered Water Canals: 38,000
  • Consumption Water Network: 26,100 Meters
  • Sewerage Network: 9,200 Meters
  • Sidewalks: 25,000 Meters
  • Gas Delivery Network: 11,000 Meters
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility: 8,000 Square Meters

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