Construction of Tehran Sewerage Network in Shari'ati St.-Khajeh Abdollah St. Limits by Pipe-Jacking Method

Client: Tehran - Wastewater Company
Consulting Engineers: Mahab Ghods Consulting Engineering Co.
Contract Period: 12 months
Location: Tehran, Iran
Status: Under Construction

Project Outline

With the successful experience of Hamedan Pipe jacking project that Kayson had, the company was elected to deliver a part of Tehran sewage network project; the pipe line starts from Shariati St., in its junction with Mirdamad Blvd., and it heads toward the south. Passing through Golnabi St., Ketabi Sq. and Mojtabayi St., the pipe line changes its route to Khadjeh abdollah-e Ansari St., in its junction with Shahid Araqi St.

According to contract, the length of the project route is 3,982 meter and total number of manholes is 34, which are implemented by pipejacking (microtunneling) method. Polymer concrete pipes with 1,600 mm and 1,800 mm diameters are used in this project. To accomplish the project on time and within budget, Kayson decided to set up a new manufacturing line to produce the required pipes in its subsidiary factories. The client has also notified kayson that it has to implement 530 meter of 1,400 mm pipelines in Mirdamad blvd. in addition to previous contract.

Scope of Work

  • Receiving and checking aerial photogrammetry images, maps of urban installations and studies on the routes for establishing pipe lines.
  • Doing different geological tests on conditions of the earth and tunnel excavation techniques.
    Obtaining related permissions from Wastewater Company, the municipality of districts 3 & 4 as well as the Traffic Department.
  • Designing and constructing reception & drive shafts.
  • Establishing and installing equipment within and around drive shafts.
  • Executing manholes.

Key Statistics

  • Earthwork: 8,220 m3
  • Concrete operation: 2,190 m3
  • Formwork: 12,000 m2
  • Reinforcement: 146 t
  • 1,800-mm diameter pipes: 1,256 m
  • 1,600-mm diameter pipes: 2,170 m
  • 1,400-mm diameter pipes: 566 m

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