Tehran Book Garden

Client: Development of Cultural Environment Company, Tehran Municipality
Supervision Body: Polmir
Type of Contract: EPC
Contract Period: 24 Months
Location: Abbas Abad Lands, Tehran
Status: Under Construction

Project Outline

Kayson has designed and built numerous projects in Tehran metropolis. Examples include Yadegar Imam Flyover, Afsarieh Cloverleaf Interchange, Imam Khomeini International Airport, etc.

In concert with its core values, “respecting people and valuing time”, Kayson aims to build a magnificent and enduring complex which will serve the educational and cultural needs of future generations in decades to come.

The vast and densely populated Tehran metropolis, with its great cultural heritage, desperately needs a big and permanent center that would provide a meeting ground for publishers, writers, artists and all those who endeavor to preserve, develop, promote, and disseminate the great culture of the Iranian people. Kayson is determined to make Tehran Book Garden a lasting symbol of its unflinching commitment to improving the quality of life by building a cultural center that would enable Tehran residents to experience entertainment, embrace knowledge, and dream beyond the world they know.

The complex of buildings that makes up the Tehran Book Garden consists of four blocks:

  • Block A (the Northern blocks), including blocks A1 to A4.
  • Block B (culture axis)
  • Block C (the Central blocks), comprising blocks C1 to C4 (C4 is named “the Book Valley”).
  • Block D (the Southern blocks), including blocks D1 to D4.

The buildings situated in the Northern and Southern parts of the complex will be used for exhibition, while buildings located in the center will be devoted to auditorium, restaurant, temporary exhibition, office space, kitchen, mechanical room, warehouse and parking. The roof of this project is constructed using the advanced technology of Roof Garden. Some of the other accessory buildings are one mosque and two other restaurants.

Scope of Work

  • Main library buildings, auditorium & surrounding buildings: 62,635 m2
  • Mechanical rooms: 2,365 m2 §HVAC rooms: 4,090 m2
  • Retaining wall: 600 long m

 Key Statistics

  • Excavation: 450,000 m3
  • Filling (Eastern Hills): 45,000 m3
  • Reinforcing Bars: 6,061 t
  • Formwork: 115,000 m2
  • Structural Concrete: 56,320 m3
  • Roof Garden: 13,500 m2
  • False Ceiling: 13,300 m2
  • Spider Glass Façade: 6,600 m2
  • Inclined Glass Façade: 7,800 m2
  • Tiles and Ceramics: 6,000 m2
  • Painting: 106,000 m2

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