10,000-Unit Housing Project, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Client: Ministry of Housing, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Type of Contract: EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction)
Contract Period: 36 Months
Location: Venezuela (Monagas, Guarico, Portuguesa and Cojedes States)
Status: Completed

Project Outline

The 10,000-unit housing Project in Venezuela was one of the biggest exports of technical and engineering services in Iran’s history and one of the world’s largest and fastest housing projects carried out within the framework of a single contract. The project apartments were built in 4-story blocks via the industrialized mass-housing construction method called “Cast-in-Situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System”. The total land area of this project’s site was 210 hectares of which, 33 & 71 hectares were allocated to the smallest and largest sites respectively.

Kayson’s unremitting efforts over the past 37 years to assimilate, adapt and apply various residential construction technologies has resulted in the development of a unique method for building large-scale housing faster, better, and at a lower cost in virtually every corner of the globe.

As for the technology used in this project, Kayson combined advanced construction methods, through design and construction of 2 sets of wall formwork and 8 sets of ceiling formwork for each site, resulting in an increased construction speed of concrete structure of one residential unit per hour.

In each site, over 16,000 square meters of land was used for auxiliary buildings which were built beside residential apartments. Regarding the local situations, their construction was done in usual methods. The facilities which encompassed all the required buildings needed for a township with 2,500 households, resulted in partial independence of the townships.

Scope of Work

The project’s scope of work involves design, procurement and construction of the followings:

  • Residential Buildings: There were 10,000 units in four townships, each consisting 2,500 units of 4-story apartment blocks, 66% of which conclude three and 34% have two bedrooms. The design was done according to Venezuela’s climatic conditions and the buildings were constructed using “Cast-in-Situ Monolithic Reinforced Concrete Construction System”.
  • Auxiliary Buildings: For improving public welfare of township residents, all the auxiliary buildings needed for a township, such as schools with different grade configurations, kindergartens and nursery school, library, gym, outdoor sport lands, health & medical clinics and etc. Were built beside each township.
  • Facilities and landscaping: The entire networks of gas piping, water, sewerage collection, the network for collecting surface water from the surroundings of townships, telephone wiring, electrical cabling, lightening of surroundings, as well as landscaping, streets, parking lots and green spaces were the facilities constructed for this project.

Key Statistics

  • Gross floor area of residential buildings: 925,000 m²
  • Gross floor area of auxiliary buildings: 65,000 m²
  • Earthwork: 2,000,000 m3
  • Streets: 350,000 m²
  • Open parking space: 155,000 m²
  • Sewerage collection network: 48,000 m
  • Surface water collection network: 105,000 m
  • Water distribution network: 62,000 m
  • Telephone wiring: 85,000 m
  • Electrical cabling:1,000,000 m
  • Gas piping network: 35,000 m
  • Final smoothing: 385,000 m²
  • Green space: 320,000 m²
  • Final landscaping (streets, parking spaces, final smoothing and green space): 1,210,000 m²

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