Subsidiaries and Affiliates

In order to adopt with growth strategy based on concentric diversification and to strengthen its value chain in construction industry, Kayson has formed its group by share acquisition and partnership of capable companies or new registration of specialized companies. As a result, Kayson owns some subsidiaries and affiliated experienced companies in construction, investment, engineering, commerce and machinery in different fields of oil and gas, piping, electro-mechanical, water and wastewater, hydraulic infrastructure, advanced concrete molding systems and specialized high quality building materials and products.

Domestic Subsidiaries:

  • Behroozan Machine Co.
    Behroozan Machine Co.
    Machinery and Equipment Supplier
  • Darya Pala Engineering Co.
    Darya Pala Engineering Co.
    Engineering Consultant
  • DaryaKhakPay Co.
    DaryaKhakPay Co.
    Marine, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering
  • Eskanier Co.
    Eskanier Co.
    Housing Contractor
  • Ettehad Omran Pars Co.
    Ettehad Omran Pars Co.
    Housing Contractor
  • Farasar Co.
    Farasar Co.
    Civil Works and Housing Contractor
  • ICON - International Corporation of Consultants & Contractors Co.
    ICON - International Corporation of Consultants & Contractors Co.
    EPC Contractor
  • Jarvand Co.
    Jarvand Co.
    Oil and Gas EM Contractor
  • Kayson Ashyan Co.
    Kayson Ashyan Co.
    Housing Contractor
  • Kayson Beton Sanaye (KBS) Co.
    Kayson Beton Sanaye (KBS) Co.
    Polymer-Concrete based Products Manufacturer
  • Kayson Engineering Development (TMK) Co.
    Kayson Engineering Development (TMK) Co.
    Engineering Consultant
  • Kayson FaraSahel Co.
    Kayson FaraSahel Co.
    Civil Works and Housing Contractor
  • Kayson Nezam Gostar Co.
    Kayson Nezam Gostar Co.
    Asset Protection and Security Contractor
  • Kayson Oil, Gas and Energy Co. (KOGC)
    Kayson Oil, Gas and Energy Co. (KOGC)
    Oil, Gas and Petrochemical EPC Contractor
  • Kayson Projects Development (TTK) Co.
    Kayson Projects Development (TTK) Co.
    Project Developer
  • KSA (Kayson Sanat Abfa) Co.
    KSA (Kayson Sanat Abfa) Co.
    Water & Wastewater Contractor
  • KTK (Kayson Tamin Kala) Co.
    KTK (Kayson Tamin Kala) Co.
  • KZNF (Kayson Steel Melting & Rolling) Co.
    KZNF (Kayson Steel Melting & Rolling) Co.
    Steel Melting and Rolling
  • LBP (Looleh Beton Polymer) L.L.C.
    LBP (Looleh Beton Polymer) L.L.C.
    Polymer-Concrete based Pipes Manufacturer
  • Middle East Omran Machine (OMK) Co.
    Middle East Omran Machine (OMK) Co.
    Construction Machinery and Equipment Supplier
  • Middle East Tadbiryar (TK)  L.L.C.
    Middle East Tadbiryar (TK) L.L.C.
    Machinery Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair
  • Peshang Novin L.L.C.
    Peshang Novin L.L.C.
    Construction Molds and Steel Structure
  • TGJM (Mehras) Co.
    TGJM (Mehras) Co.
    Oil & Gas EPC Contractor
  • Vima Co.
    Vima Co.
    Building Products Manufacturer
  • Zagros Machine L.L.C.
    Zagros Machine L.L.C.
    Machinery and Equipment Supplier
  • Zircon Sang Co.
    Zircon Sang Co.
  • Danial Energy sepehrkish
    Danial Energy sepehrkish
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