• 1970s

    • Establishment of the Company & Commencement of its activities as a contractor of Civil Projects
  • 1980s

    • Design & Build Multi-Disciplinary Projects such as Mass Housing & Infrastructure Projects
  • 1990s

    • Entering into International Markets & being Selected as the Exemplary Exporter of Technical and Engineering Services
    • Cooperation with Global & Leading Companies
    • Working as EPC Contractor
  • 2000s

    • Diversifying Fields of Engineering Services in Industry
    • Changing from Joint-Stock Company (JSC) to Public-Limited Company (PLC)
    • Working as a General Company (GC)
    • Investing in & Financing for Projects
  • 2010s

    • Working as a Developer & Forming Strategic Business Units
    • Ranked 99th in The Top 250 International Contractors By ENR in 2015
  • 2020s

    • Becoming a Holding Company
    • Entering into Upstream – Exploration and Production (E&P) Projects

Founded in 1975 by Mr. Mohammadreza Ansari, Kayson is an international general contracting public-limited company providing premier management, engineering, procurement, construction, financing and investment services worldwide.

Kayson was among the first Iranian general contractors to receive quality management certificate, ISO 9001:2008.
Kayson has also played a pioneering role in introducing advanced project delivery systems such as DB & EPC to the Iranian construction industry.

Since its inception, Kayson has endeavored to maintain a reputation for excellence in performance by providing a high quality services, based on technical competence, efficiency, cost effectiveness and adherence to contract programs.

Thanks to our timely shifts in strategy and a major restructuring plan designed to create a leaner and more flexible organization, we have been able to make tough decisions quickly, shifting resources to match opportunities, reducing and reallocating overhead and investing more in people and processes that ensure our continued success.

Today, Kayson has separated ownership from management and also has over 35,000 Shareholders.

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