Sustainable Human Development & Social Responsibility

Sustainable Human Development (SHD) stems from a lost sense of responsibility that came into being in the wake of the dark days of unrestrained quest for profit and economic supremacy. It is, however, a responsibility that is deeply rooted in the moral and emotional heritage of the Iranian people– a people who love each other, who rely on the strength of the collective, and avoid being plunged into the abyss of loneliness. SHD’s goal is the realization of this lost sense of responsibility.

Sustainable human development is a world outlook and a set of beliefs that are derived from deep humane emotions and noble values upheld by the Iranian people. This outlook emphasizes the need for the revival of community culture and seeks to bring about a balance between the quest for profit and people-oriented business processes.

Respecting people, their values and rights are amongst the fundamental values of Kayson Company. Given the project-centered nature of our company and the geographical dispersion of our projects, in order to promote a culture that in addition to commitment to one’s job encourages strong commitment to human values, all activities that the Sustainable Human Development Department undertakes are organized locally from bottom to top. They are all participatory, community-based and carried out with the cooperation of committed and responsible volunteers, within the framework of local community, environmental sustainability, cultural, art, and other work groups.

The following three target groups lie within the responsibilities of the Sustainable Human Development Department:

1- Internal Stakeholders. The main objective is to foster an ever more humane atmosphere and enthusiasm within the organization.
Paying attention to our colleagues has always been a serious concern of the founders and managers of our company. Activities carried out by the Sustainable Human Development Department within the organization are always organized in close cooperation with our colleagues and their families. The objective is to nurture conditions conducive to creative learning, personal and occupational development, innovation, and value creation, in order to improve the conditions and the quality of life of our colleagues and ultimately foster a community culture.

2- External Stakeholders. The aim is to bring about the most effective interaction, reinforced by strong moral conviction, with the local community in order to fulfil our social responsibilities.
Kayson, within the limits of its resources, considers itself duty bound to make all possible efforts to minimize the undesirable impacts and ramifications of its construction activities on the environment and local people and improve the quality of life wherever it has presence. Our activities are always organized and implemented in cooperation with local people, public, private and popular organizations.

3- Future Stakeholders. Our goal in this area is to protect natural resources, and the ecology so as to enable future generations to continue to enjoy the benefits of the riches of the land and the nature.

Paying attention to future generations involves raising our awareness of our responsibilities towards the ecology, revisiting our company rules and procedures in light of sustainable development requirements, propagating environmental sustainability concepts, being friendly to nature, optimizing the utilization of resources, water recycling and reuse, managing waste, and using new energies. These are some of measures our company undertakes to safeguard the interests of future generations.

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