Message from Chairman

In the past years, our persistent and never-ending task of continual improvement has led us to the realization that quality is the essential underlying secret of achieving real improvement. It has also reinforced our already deep and genuine conviction that only by relying on people and their boundless capabilities we can achieve our objectives. Thanks to our people’s dedication, reliability, commitment to excellence in performance, shared values and feelings we were able to fulfill almost all the goals we had set ourselves in the past years.

Kayson has grown to be an internationally successful entity. We are designing and building some of the world’s largest projects, often ahead of schedule, while maintaining a high standard of quality. We have acquired, adapted, and applied advanced technologies in several areas of the engineering and construction industry. In short, our goal-based approach to business management and the unity of thousands of people who share and cherish Kayson’s values- people who are the main source of our pride and dignity- have enabled us to extend our good reputation both in Iran and abroad. Our enthusiastic efforts, persistence, and resilience have enabled us to deal successfully with the seemingly insurmountable problems presented by the turbulent business environment we operate in; thus paving the path for our future growth and development. We are proud of our achievements not only because they have enabled the transformation of Kayson into an internationally-recognized general contractor, but also because our experiences might help lessen the burden of other Iranian companies traversing the same path.

We look forward to further improvements and hope to serve as an example for our country and the world. We strongly believe that our world has been made a better place to live because of the cooperation of people of all races, colors and nationalities who strive to gain added value through win-win relationships.

At Kayson, we wholeheartedly welcome the growing integration of economies and societies, the freer flow of people and ideas and, above all, the growing collaboration and unity among all those whose vision is to build a better world for generations to come.

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