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As part of an overall restructuring, in 1982 Kayson set up a specialized Machinery and Equipment Department charged with the task of managing the company’s growing fleet. The main goal of the reorganization was to increase responsiveness to the constantly changing requirements of project execution, achieve greater flexibility and efficiency, and allow project managers to focus on the financial and technical aspects of the project. In 1998, a new program was established that incorporated predictive and preventive maintenance. The new program utilized computer systems to do scheduling, including quality and visual inspections. However, its cornerstone of success is the use of vibration analysis, infratography, and tribology (oil analysis) to detect and correct problems prior to a failure occurring. Our Machinery and Equipment Department is firmly committed to the principle that service and maintenance should not be looked at as a drain on income. Rather, they should be considered a contribution to output. Moreover, the department establishes a win-win relationship with all project managers in order to implement its maintenance programs successfully.

The department is also the first machinery and equipment organization in Iran to receive ISO certification for the supply, support, and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

By employing highly qualified personnel, and utilizing state-of-the-art IT technologies to gather, analyze and process information, the Machinery and Equipment Department uses key performance indicators to measure its success in achieving the following objectives:


  • To increase availability of equipment.
  • To reduce long-term maintenance cost.
  • To follow a scheduled program, including predictive and preventive maintenance, rather that taking an emergency approach.
  • To reduce the need for general overhauls.
  • To reduce the probability of a fault, which statistics have shown may occur within a period of time, thus increasing Mean Time Between Failures.


Thanks to Kayson’s visionary approach to management, the company’s Machinery and Equipment Department which started out with a few pieces of equipment, now possesses hundreds of pieces of light and heavy machinery and equipment, with a very high availability rate (Figure 1).

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