Human Resources

Kayson’s size and multi-division structure provide a unique place in which employees can thrive and fulfill their potential. The combination of Kayson’s scale and diversity gives employees the opportunity to challenge themselves and make a positive impact in their industry and community.

Kayson’s commitment to employees takes several forms: a dedication to two-way communication; an emphasis on integrity; a commitment to providing competitive benefits; and a broad support for ongoing training and leadership development.

The size of our workforce is constantly fluctuating. As a general contracting company, Kayson’s total workforce expands and contracts frequently as old projects are completed and new projects start.

Employee benefits

As a rule, we invite our managerial staff to share in the company’s profits by offering performance-oriented remuneration. Special bonuses and salary increases are also used to reward outstanding achievements. Performance-oriented remuneration components are also available to all employees. At selected intervals, we offer selected Kayson employees the chance to buy shares of the company’s stock at preferred prices. Moreover, our pay increases have almost always exceeded the rate of inflation by a large margin, indicating a real and continuous improvement in the living standards of our employees.

The provision of a well-conceived benefits package that is responsive to employee need while maintaining the company’s ability to remain competitive is a fundamental obligation to our employees. Kayson views it as a competitive advantage to continue to offer these programs with broad eligibility as a vital element in attracting and retaining top talent.

Employee Feedback

Employee feedback is a critical part of the way Kayson operates. Kayson’s heritage of tracking employee opinions date back to the late 1980’s, and within the past few years, Kayson has formalized that process to encompass such diverse topics as hiring practices, management practices, fairness, training and development, employee benefits, etc.

Training and Development

The final and the most important prerequisite to turning our vision into value is to use our financial strength to develop great people in a strong culture. Indeed, developing and motivating people are the most important parts of our company leadership’s job.

Key elements of Kayson’s learning culture include energy, curiosity and candor, as the talented people it attracts & recruits are called on to apply themselves to unravel the most challenging management, engineering, procurement & construction problems.

Kayson leaders are evaluated on how they guide the professional growth of their people, providing counsel and goal setting. Leaders are responsible for ensuring technical competence and overall business excellence of their teams, in an operating climate that emphasizes integrity without the least exception.

At Kayson, we want only the best, the brightest and the most committed and the focus on talent is relentless. As we go forward, there will be nothing but “As” in every leadership position in this company. They will be the best in Iran, and some, the best in the world, and they will act to field teams consisting of nothing but “A” players.

Human Resources

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